Dollywood Theme Park

Dollywood is a theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. As part of an advertising creativity course, we formed a mini ad agency to create an ad campaign across multiple media for the park.

Creative Strategy

As revealed in secondary and primary research, the target audience of Dollywood is experience-seeking parents with young kids living in or near Tennessee area. They regard Dollywood as a non-mainstream theme park and don’t know what it has beyond regular roller coasters and rides. We propose to brand Dollywood as the representation of “authentic Tennessee experience” – a place where they can feel the vibe of life when they touch the natural and cultural essence of rural Tennessee in Dollywood.

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Print Ad


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Traditional Out-of-Home


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Direct Response

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Digital Media

Facebook Native Ad

Guerilla Media

Customer interaction can’t be more important in Guerilla advertising. We want to spend small budget but grasp public attention in a personal and memorable level. We choose to place our ads where families with young kids often show up, such a shopping mall, city centers, and grocery stores.  Meanwhile, we want to mimic the Tennessean experience Dollywood offers, namely country music, southern food and mountain view. There are a few ideas regarding the specific execution: create a mountain ride experience on a shopping mall escalator; decorate the shopping cart as a big food plate to mimic the “filling-in” experience; arrange a moving truck band show up and play country music after someone picks up a southern style hat.

Shopping mall escalator
The surprising hat